Gift, Purpose, Dharma, everybody has something that makes them come alive. Something in which time seems to stand still, they can become fully immersed in it, and the whole world seems to melt away. Something they wish they could share with the world, something they are in alignment with.

So, why don’t they do anything about it?

Maybe it’s too “out there” (it’s not, but we can touch on this later), maybe their family wouldn’t approve, or their spouse, or their parents, or their circle of friends. So what is the solution to this way of living? Maybe it is to simply stay stuck and hope that one day things will change.

Hope is not a strategy.

What if, just maybe, you could take that thing you love to do more than anything else, monetize it, and lead a life of fulfillment, prosperity, happiness and joy?

What if you knew that it was actually very easy, and it came at the hands of simply changing the way you think?

Alignment Club is dedicated to helping millions of people around the world find alignment, step into their power and become the best version of themselves.

How did I get here?

Let me keep this short in saying that a few years ago I started my dream business, Interior Fly Fishing Company, that has taken off beyond my dreams could have ever imagined and allowed me to experience some amazing parts of the world with clients who are now my friends.

As my business life progressed, so did my personal growth, and I began to search deeply for a way to empower people to see beyond their current circumstances and understand that there is nothing that will hurt you in pursuing your dreams.

I began to ask the question, how can I change people’s lives? How can I make a lasting impact during my time on earth?

Late one night, I was reading a book by Jen Sincero titled ‘You are a Badass at Making Money’ when the end of a chapter suggested I download Marianne Williamson’s poem titled Our Deepest Fear.

Long story short, I didn’t. I don’t have an excuse for you other than it was late at night and my life was in boxes as I prepared to move into a new house.

The next morning I met my clients, two older gentlemen from Oregon, at the lake. I am not a cattle prod, but I have been known to ask the question “so… do you like to read books?” from time to time during periods of slow fishing.

In just a few moments I discovered that not only did both of my guests read, they had worked alongside some of my favourite authors and speakers in the world of personal development and spiritual growth.

As we entered their cabin for lunch, one of my clients by the name of Jim sat down and said “Jordan, you have a lot to share, and you can make the world a better place with what you know right now. I want you to take this poem, I want you to read it every day. Don’t be afraid to share what is inside of you”

He handed me a pink piece of paper, I began to read the following words:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

My heart accelerated as I realized I was reading “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson, the exact poem I had procrastinated in reading the night before.

I could barely speak, and shortly after leaving their cabin I made a promise to myself. I made a promise that I would find a way to empower people to discover their gifts, get over what people think, and to align with what they truly want.

This was the beginning of Alignment Club, a place for “ordinary” people to begin seeing that they are not ordinary, to begin stepping into their greatness, and sharing their newfound joy and aliveness with others.

My vision is that Alignment Club will be a place people can turn when they need a little boost, a place where they will not be judged, and ultimately a platform to help people transform their lives beyond their wildest dreams.